Molly the Fire Fairy | NSFW Phys Bones Avatar (with dissolve toggles and mat swap)

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(Inspired by Bloom's Magic Charmix from Winx)
Unity Import Instructions:
1. Create a new Unity project

2. Import Avatar

3. Click 'Reload Scene'
Please have blender/unity knowledge before buying any avatars. You need to have blender and unity installed to upload any avatar whether the avatar is from myself or another creator.
Included in Unity Package: (Avatar, Poiyomi, VRCSDK) do not import a new SDK or else you will break the avatar, everything is included.

✩ FBT Ready!

✩ Dissolve Toggles (on everything except the hair)

Phys Bones: (breasts, butt, backpack charm, hair)

✩ Toggles: (main outfit, charmix outfit, charmix charms, main hairstyle, secondary hairstyle, backpack, cookie cover and piercings, wings, hand fire, dark molly mat swap)

✩ Colliders: (head, chest, waist, shoulders)

✩ Fire Particles: (right and left hand)

Head by Sugs#9795 (edited by me, you may not use my edit)
Body by Pandaabear#9873 (edited by me, you may not use my edit)
Body Texture by Ying#6669
Skin Mat by Shugan#5652
Messy Hair by Cupkake#6666
Charmix hair by B o o#8584
Wings by kittennn#6660
Cookie Cover by Halies#0010
Fire Particles by Zepwlert#0001
Charmix Top by Renipuff#3700
Charmix Skirt by Ceenstars#1111
Charmix Shoes by 𝖻𝗅𝖺𝗄𝖾#𝟦𝟧𝟨𝟩
Charmix Bag by K i t t y#1110
Charmix Charm by Jaky#2488
Charmix Tiara by ImLeXz
Gauntlets by ChickenTendies#6969
Layered Skirt by NippNipp#0001
Top by trial#0001
Socks by Maible#8888
Boots by aapatheticx#3548
Necklace by JEMEZ#1337
Bunny by ✞༒ʟɪʟʜᴏɴᴇʏʙᴜɴ#5138༒✞
Backpack by moonlight peach#3252
Piercings by パン#1001


Do not share/upload the packages for anyone this avatar is for you and only you.

Any kind of redistribution is prohibited.

You ARE allowed to make subtle changes to the avatar, (unity texture changes etc). However you are NOT allowed to make major changes, such as majorly editing the avatar in blender.

You do not own the commercial rights to any of the assets used on this model

Do not make it public, it is meant for private use only. AKA do not upload it as a public, upload it as private, you are NOT allowed to let anybody clone this avatar.

Refunds are not issued after the purchase has been made.

You are not allowed to take assets from this model. You MUST purchase them separately.

The face/skin/hair textures and edits were edited/made by me, you are NOT allowed to re-use them.

Please abide by my rules. Thank you. 🙂

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Molly the Fire Fairy


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